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Look at this picture – so colourful, so vibrant, so full of energy. These are nothing but the people of the world, we call them the world citizens. Each one has a different colour, a different background, a different thought in mind and a different dream in eyes. When they come together, they become the creators of a big canvas – the earth. Each one has a different stroke, a different asset held in itself. And the big picture comes into making. You remove a colour from it, and the picture seems incomplete, as if in patches. The world is the big picture and the world civilians are its colours – none of them can be ignored or left out.

All through the site, we have been talking about the world citizens – the need of generation –Why to break the barriers and come together as a family. Back in lower grades, we all must have learned the phrase- united we stand and divided, we fall. This saying holds good even today. Unity of thoughts and action not only builds up a smarter society, it also eliminates the chances of disputes. A world citizen must learn to respect its fellow being’s thoughts, and at the same time elucidate his own ideas.

First as an individual, then as a member of society, a citizen of his country and finally a world citizen- each one of us has so much to do and all this will turn so easy only if we come together and offer our selfless help to each other. We do not ignore the fact that no two minds will have the same opinion, but through education and experience, we can sort out simple techniques which would bring ultimate Utopia to the world.

There have been so many similar initiatives in the past, like the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It aims at controlling the anthropogenic (human-emitted) green house gases and thereby saving the world from global warming. Under its functioning, several of its member countries have started similar ventures at national and state levels in the last decade.

The UNFCCC adopts a principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities."

Can a UNITED world solve most of the world's problems today?
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The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
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