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"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were."
- John F Kennedy

"I am sick of this traffic jam everyday".
"I'd have enough of running after company personals to hire me"
"Cant bear the pain this disease gives to me"
"Is there no one in this municipality who can listen to my say?"

Well, these are the most common phrases we hear every day. The common man is irritated to death. Every sight seems to be full of despair. And there is nobody to listen. Nobody to take up the responsibility. We are all entangled in this awful world full of problems. Full of unsatisfaction. Full of worries!

Now take a deep breath and for just few seconds think on what I say- It might have happened to you at least once – you made a right move at the last minute and it saved you from a bundle of troubles. Must have felt like a hero? Let me mention something more common. Your favorite mug was about to fall from the tabletop when you heroically catched it in air and you felt like a superman! Now try to connect this feeling with the above mentioned entangles of world problems. All the problems that we have stated in the previous pages definitely have atleast one solution which is very practical to work out.

And these solutions are as simple as a ready to cook meal! Yes, we all know about these easy solutions already. We have taken those lessons of ‘moral science’ in our junior grades. It's just that growing up made us forget them completely. The degree of workable solutions vary from person to person, and from one age group to another, but we can still include each of us into groups and work out some simple, yet effective solutions to the havoc that is present in the world.

We can make the younger children responsible and aware right from the beginning, and teach them to learn their part of duty as world citizens. Parents must inculcate the values of a good citizen in their children in such a way that it becomes a habit of theirs. The teens – perhaps the most powerful sect of the society, must take up the job of getting aware and to extend the awareness to others as well. It is on them that the responsibility of the future lies. They must know about one more right of theirs like they know about others – this is YOUR planet, when you don’t let irresponsible people even touch a thing of yours, how can you allow them to damage Your Earth? This applies for the young, the fresh generations as well. You passed your school, your college, but did you pass away the message of utopia to the others? We all are a part of the chain that spreads across miles.

When you say you are too busy to care, I’ll just ask you one question- "Your greatest grandmother is ill. Do you have time for her?"

Let's understand how the solutions are going to be covered.
Problems are many, so are the solutions. You might be familiar with most of them. But ask this to yourself - Do you really follow at least half of them?
The solutions are divided into four parts. It explains:

  • "What an INDIVIDUAL is capable of",

  • "What role can an ORGANISATION play to make a difference",

  • "How a COUNTRY can help build a better world" and finally

  • "What we all together can do, so called WORLD".

Well, let's think it this way: Even in the past, there have been attempts to overcome all the problems that the world has been facing in each era. Only back then, nobody talked of changing their inner self, their attitude towards it. They were either forced or were driven along with the crowd to act upon as the leaders said. All through our solutions, you will find that we try to call the inner conscience of an individual, Make him realize how wonderful the world of Utopia is. When his soul answers to him, he will automatically get driven towards it and surely his effectiveness at whatever he does to help others will be much much more.

So let's first go through the solutions we all share, the case study by us that will help you identify the things better and finally we will move towards the one effective practical solution we have been talking about so far.

You must be excited, aren't you? Let's Go!

The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
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