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"People want to work for a good organization-one that is not only well-run but that does it part to build a better world"
- Robin Sharma

Hellen Keller said it so beautifully, 'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'. The Word Society refers to an entirety of humanity. We all live in societies with different rules, different privileges, different thoughts and obviously different rituals. But what each society carries with itself is the responsibility of securing a better world for the future generations. What we have always seen is the game of ‘don’t blame me’ being played by the who’s who of the society. Societies are like petals- The flower cant be beautiful without them. Every society can make the world better. There is one way of doing it by celebrating! Yes, you read it right, celebrate. When we spend our resources to celebrate festivals of religious and social importance, why should we be left behind in celebrating days like Forest Day, Earth Day, AIDS day, Labor Day etc.

We have all been witnesses of children suffering from hunger, helpless women who are victims of violence and crimes, and people suffering from such diseases that they are left to die in some corner. In such a situation, self help groups and non-governmental organisations can play an important role. None of us would take the responsibility all by ourselves, but assembling into groups and devoted team work can yield positive results. Initiative at organisation level can make the poor, the helpless, the under-privileged live a life full of hope. In few places in the world, such NGO’s have proved to be life changers of thousands of people. When you can spend 2 hours at the movie theater on Sunday, you can surely spend few moments helping such organisations to function better. All we need is the initiative to build up such societies.

It is not to be overlooked that a child learns what he sees around himself. If the society he is a part of is totally insensitive towards problems of the world, chances are that he will also become ignorant when he matures. When people give the right of deciding the regulations to society, they also exchange a promise of securing each other in time of need.

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"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." -Mohandas Gandhi Do you agree with this thought?

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