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196 countries are present across the globe. What if each one aims at becoming the technologically, environmentally, health-wise and economically supreme? Every country wants to be so. Only it has to rise above the social and political conflicts prevailing among its masses.

The world has been witness of people of different nationalities go beyond the barriers and serve the humanity. Have we not known Mother Teresa serving the poor by selling her Noble Prize? Have we not seen Mahatma Gandhi work for people in South Africa? Thousands of such known and unknown heroes have given the world a ray of hope, on which the world still rests.

On the contrary, the world has also seen war, domination and discrimination based on nationality. If the countries do no wake up now, it’ll be too late. Like individual are suggested to work in groups, nations can also arrange to work upon together. No two countries have exactly the same situation, but we can superficially group them; for example those which are poverty stricken can be helped together by the well- off countries. Those which are environmentally deprived can try to spread awareness together, make plans at the inter-national level and rise above the problems together.

Organisations like UNICEF, PETA, WHO are brilliant examples of such an idea. The need is to expand such things to poorer, feebly developed countries, and to the remote areas of the world. All this can happen if the leaders of the nations look above the politics- it is not political tactics that will feed a hungry child. It is the implementation of programmes that will feed him and educate him. If the leaders fail to do so, the civilians must take their position and work wisely. Most of the countries run on democratic ideals, which reserves the right of voting to the public. 21st generation needs wise leaders, who can motivate their countrymen and make them understand the need to bring and be a change.

Are you satisfied with the present govermental activities being done for betterment of world?
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