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Yes! All of us are a part of this big family that spreads across the globe. Efforts on Individual level pay more than anything does. Its just that everybody needs to wake up to the call of the hour. For example, we all know that we need to work really fast if we are to save our environment from degradation. But everybody thinks why not others do it first? Remember, you are among the crowd, but your one act of planting a seedling can make you rise above all.

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself"
-Wallace Wattles

Have you heard of Steve Jobs addressing his three life stories during Stanford Commencement Address?
Click the link to see the video clip by Stanford University: [ Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (with intro by President John Hennessy) ]

"Believe in your self, believe in your dreams, believe in your ideas because those ideas can change the world!"
- Steve Jobs

Happiness is directly linked to health. We all know how to keep ourselves fit, its just that we are too lazy to make a move. Too tired to step ahead. Guys, we all can make things work. It’s just a single act of wisdom that our world needs from you. Want to try some of those out? Goes like this-

  •  Cycle over short distances. That will not only make your environment better, it will keep you fit as well.
  •  Plant a tree on your birthday every year (at least)
  •  Try and stay away from filthy food habits ( you know yours very well)
  •  Learn to be peaceful. And being peaceful does NOT mean being weak.
  •  Stand up against evils of the society. Don't be a coward and watch others dirtying your society.
  •  Don’t panic. Panicking germinates other problems also.

We all know these! And we know more of them. But when you get off your eyes from here and see a thing done wrongly, stand up and correct it. Hear the call of Utopia. Don’t become blind and deaf in the light of 'just let it be'.

Is the work you are presently involved in contributing something for betterment of the world?
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Do you think you have capabilities to bring a big change in this world?

Heard this word right? Ever used it? Sometimes? Well, lucky you! Because there are many unfortunate people who forgot to use it when they grew up. Hey! Just kidding! To be true, these silly words hold true. A single act of kindness has become an unusual phenomenon. We are so busy running after everything that it seems there is no time for kindness. Let yourself know, kindness doesn't take time and inputs. A smile to a child is kindness. Helping someone to cross the road is kindness. And the beauty of this magic is that it folds and unfolds so easily that you can carry it everywhere. And it is the most effective medicine the mankind ever possessed. It can cure wounds, both inner and physical, it can say more than words could ever speak. It can enlighten a dark sad day. It can erase all you wrinkles and dark circles. Try one dose each day and discover a new you everyday! All that and free of cost!

"Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world."
- Annie Lennox

Want to know how it works? Have a look at this video:[ Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day" ].

"The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step” True, there are thousands of miles to be walked over, thousands of places to visit, thousands of grieving faces of society to be repaired. And it all begins with a single step of yours. According to an independent survey, 80% of people suffer from an ailment called S-Complex at least once in a while. This S complex is nothing but ‘Superiority Complex’. Yes, you would have seen such ‘patients’ around you. And if you are really honest, you should accept that you become one unknowingly sometimes. There’s no specific harm associated with it – everybody must love themselves, it’s about a completely different picture I want to create in your mind. When people really believe they are superior to others, that without them the world won’t work for long, and that their decision and activity is of the utmost importance, why do they fail in stepping up to something better? Now if you believe the fact that you are special, perhaps better than others, why do you step back when it comes to taking charge of the world? If you think there’s a leader inside you, why not awaken it when time calls? Infact, each of us have a leader inside that we might need to awake.

Obviously to change everything is not in your hands. But what is within your reach must not remain untouched.

As an awesome quote states, if you hate the rules of a place (it could be your workplace, the society or the nation), follow those rules, reach the top and then change them. Never ever compromise with your dreams. People who dream big and are hugely motivated towards it eventually end up being the happier faces of the world. Yes, as this part deals with the change in YOU, you must know that Utopia must be brought in your life first. Don’t run around doing something that really doesn’t appeal to you. Follow your thoughts, your calling and we are sure you will be the truest example of success.

Earlier, people had their particular vision about life. They had this firm belief that what has been going on for generations must continue, no matter whether it is rightful to do so our not. Yes, we do need guidance of the experienced, that is the most valuable asset for us. But saying no to the obsolete, the harming and the unjust ways of life is a duty of every individual.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails"
- William Arthur Ward

The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
We are looking up for an Utopian World. Come, share the vision!
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