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Name: Anita Dungdung
Occupation: Librarian, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, CRPF Campus, Odisha, India

Anupam: Please tell us your views about present world.
Anita: We are more globalized. The crimes too have globalized. We've developed a scientific world but it is full of problems. Problems like terrorism, corruption, natural calamities etc has increased. Living conditions have become so miserable. You would think twice before going out of your house because we find things unsafe. Many awful activities have started taking place.

Anupam: Did you ever had a thought to change the world?
Anita: Yes, I always try to inculcate good qualities in my students because I believe they have the potential to change anything in the world and the fact they are the future of the world.

Anupam: Did you ever felt like something wrong is happening in the world today?
Anita: Yes, I do feel anything wrong is happening in this world. Ladies are rather insecure in this modern world. They are even scared to come out of their houses because problems like women trafficking still exists.

Anupam: At last, would you like to give a message to the world?
Anita: We shouldn't exploit our earth. We should treat this world like our own home. The act of hatred, it must be changed! In the words of Mr. Lester Brown, "We have not inherited this Earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children."

Anupam: Thank you!

Sanket: Scientist.
Yes, I will work on environment's sustainable growth and pollution free world.

Udayan: Socialist.
I like leading groups and motivating people so I'd be a socialist. I don't know about the world but will surely bring some changes in our city.

Gagan: Mechanical Engineer.
I'd like our India to be technically developed. So I'd be a M. Engineer to help us develop.


Anand: Formula 1 racer.
Well yes, it can provide entertainment.

Pabitra: Software Engineer.
Yes, I'd like to work on the technical strength and gadget empowerment.

Biswaranjan: Software Engineer.
Yes. I want to reduce cyber crime. Hacking, leaking of data etc. which will save a lot of institutions, and even countries.

Sourav: Banking.
No, I don't think it will help in any manner.

Asutosh: Chartered accountant.
I will try to every possible way to check the account credit and debit are legal i.e no corruption is involved. Even small scale checking can do wonders.

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