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Every day we see small children on streets begging for food and money. We simply pull up the glass windows of our car and push the horn to get out as soon as possible. We tend to run away from our duty, and most of the times we even forget that it is us who are responsible for those innocent faces looking deep into our eyes for a single act of mercy. And when we say mercy, we are actually wrong...

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Who are we to show mercy on these kids? In fact we are under debt, for possibly the future citizens of the world are on streets, running after vehicles and spending scary sleepless nights on the road. It is the ultimate time that we understand that it is our foremost responsibility, that like we take care of our family, our children, we must also take care of the bigger family we’re a part of that which spreads over the world. 21st century demands coming together of not just the citizens of a particular country, but coming together of the world citizens.

These kids, who are fighting with the fearful villain of poverty , are actually setting examples for the world. They beg for their food, wear torn clothes, are denizens of hatches, and still its these kids who dance and sing on the streets. The rest of the world runs all the time in search of money, better lifestyle, gadgets, technology and so many things that actually lead them to nowhere.

We, the so called educated ‘modern’ citizens are the easy target of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems etc. We could develop so much in the past years from medicine to engineering, from computers to politics, but we just could not create a better place to live one with peace. And if the foundation of a peaceful world is not laid today, maybe the only people lest ‘happy’ on this planet would be those who were left out on streets!

When somebody ask you about "Problems in this world" today, you might stumble while answering.
Can few lines express all the burning problems today in this world?
Let's understand them in a classified pattern. We have categorized them into four main categories-

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Health related
  • Economical

Surveyed 200 people. Including school and locality.
"How often do you plant trees/tend them?"

  • Quite a lot of time
  • Sufficiently enough
  • Occasionally
  • Never

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