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Name: Sudhakar
Occupation: Labourer. Slum dweller.

Anupam: Do you earn enough to live comfortably?
Sudhakar: No, I face a lot of problems in carrying me and my family. I hardly get any job and the wages are pretty low.

Anupam: Tell me more about your family.
Sudhakar: My family consists of 5 people. Me, my wife and my 3 children.

Anupam: Do your children go to school?
Sudhakar: No. Two of them are ragpickers and third one is an infant.

Anupam: Are your living conditions good enough?
Sudhakar: No, we don't get proper water supply. My wife fetches it from adjacent slum for which she has to walk 3kms in the morning.

Anupam: How do you think your living conditions can be better?
Sudhakar: If the government people who promised to give us jobs will actually give us jobs we can do pretty well. Also living conditions of the slum can be improved.

Anupam: Thank you. (Namaskar)

Swastik: No problem. I am happy the way I am.

Amruta: Managing time and fighting with my ambience.

Sagar: Not getting success. I am unable to score good marks in exams. I don't know why.

Aakash: I want to participate in something that is recognized at the National and International Level.

Akshay (name changed): Unable to enjoy my life. I don't find myself good enough to live the life. Still, life is very short, and I have to take it seriously, which I am unable to do. I want to be a successful person in my life. I get nervous. I don't have a aim in my life.

Manorama: I have problem in making choices and I don't know why so.

Mriyanka: I have a problem in studying because of lack of concentration and boredom of certain subjects.

Ankita (name changed): I have a problem with my existence. Everything around me seems fake. I want to get rid of everything around me/ All those things I fear, frighten me the most, come real in my life, ruining it completely. I am frustrated from almost everything around me. Starting from studies to love and emotions (trust, commitments, promises) are meaningless to me. I am done with my life. Had enough of it. I thank God for such a great time, I had till now. Now I have to go. Till then, a fake spongy smile works! :)

Adyasha: My problem is I don't understand what I am doing and what for am I doing it? Is it right or wrong. I am always in a great confusion. And when results are out, I get that my past activities were wrong. Why this happens to me? I am unable to predict, unable to do right things, I don't get what's appropriate. Real confusion.

Subhasmita: My life is a problem. I have many problems. I always feel nervous in doing something. I am not confident within myself, and about my future. I am unable to decide. Whether what I am doing in right or wrong. Again confusion.

Name: Ratnam Srinivas
Occupation: Computer Science Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya No-2, CRPF Campus, Orissa, India

Q:Views about the current world.
Ans- The current world is facing a lots of problems like global warming, and poverty. World is globalized now. I don't think we are at any corners now.

Q: Do you think there are a lot of problems?
Ans- Yes, I do feel there are so many problems. There were problems, there is problems and there would be problems in the future also, we've to admit that!

Q: What is the root cause of the problems in the world?
1) Leadership
2) Selfishness
3) Lack of awareness

Q: Sir, do you think we can reach an Utopian world if we create awareness among the world and follow some simple steps?
Ans- Honestly speaking, I think no! I don't expect it to happen so early. But who say's it's impossible? We can still make a big difference!

Q; Lastly give your message.
Every person should attain self realization and non-attachement towards things which would be decayed in the near future.

Thank you!

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