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A few eyes dream of a magical world- that which can be clearly defined by ‘Utopia’. These eyes when open the doors, are met by several others who share their resources to step ahead in building the world they dreamed of. Such inspired eyes wake up the nation, they ensure that the dream was not just as any other you see; it’s a dream of change. And then all the eyes of all the colours- assemble into a vision- a vision that marks the beginning of a new era. An era of holiness, of happiness, and of peace.

Yes, these are the million eyes of the million residents of the world- those who are already awake to make the dream come true. They have a job of crossing the boundaries of the society, building up organisations. They have the duty to call their countrymen to lend their labor. They comprise the world- they are so essential to it- they must keep a check on its functioning. A single mind is inevitably necessary to the world.

"Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren't any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn't be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person."
-R. Buckminster Fuller

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, is an absolute source of learning for us. He once spoke the best when he told about the gap between what we do and what we are capable of doing. He blames the evil of apathy, for this degenerates any progress. We all can fight apathy, if we do what we aspire for. Trying to fulfill someone else’s dream is like trying to read a text of some other language- you only read it; you never understand its meaning. Following your dreams makes you 100% dedicated towards it. And where there is full dedication, success, along with other luxuries, is sure to come. At times we have seen young minds get crushed under the weight of expectations. A son of a painter may not ever want to hold the brush in his hand, if his fingers are dying to play the piano. It sounds much philosophical this way, but this is something that has been happening over years. Most of the times, they surrender, and the new art, the new invention dies there itself. Before you think of giving up in front of somebody, close your eyes and think how it would feel when you succeed. How heavenly would it be and how thankful you would be then to yourself. Only if you pursue your dreams. Why do we have millions of people around us but only few leaders? It is because they dared to follow their inner calling. They dared to say no to others. They promised to themselves that the plague of apathy will not ever touch them. And if they would have surrendered as well, they would have been same like others- a common man, lost in the crowd.

Only if some people got the right direction to move for success, they wouldn’t have to turn to evil sparks. Yes, the terrorists, the thieves, the looters wouldn’t have been so if they had the right to choose their dreams, to choose what they wanted to do in life. They were victims of the harsh reality of life, of poverty and of helplessness and cruelty. That transformed them into the men they are. Only if they could get the proper education and the knowledge about their qualities, they would have been different from others- in the positive sense. So if you see a child begging for food, before you hush him away, think twice- are you not telling him that the world is unkind and that muscle and weapons are the only way to answer back to this harshness? If you think over it deeply, and feed him once, you will save the lives of hundreds of people and more importantly, save him from becoming a terrorist.

When we were first introduced to this vast topic, we had a completely diverse view about it. For us being good- or being moral and truthful- such philosophical points held equal importance. It was when we were face to face with such problems that we understood the true meaning of what this project wants from us. Action oriented solution is what should get implemented. Just sitting there and talking is a job of losers. Working out is required because this is a high time- the world is getting wounded by so many crisis, wars, poverty that acting now is the ultimate solution. Our surveys and interactions with affected people made us feel the importance of unity, of coming together as world citizens, of rising above he bars of cast and religion and colour. We never needed to go far away to search a poor household- it was always so close to us. And this made us realize the depth and seriousness of the matter. We all travel miles to find a place to relax, but on our way, we never notice the dark side. This acknowledged us to the bitter truth of the society- its ignorance. And then there was motivation too, when we looked up for inspiration, there were always great known and many unknown people who had devoted their life, who had left the luxury, only to serve the most beautiful creation of the Lord- the mankind.

We realized that the first step to building Utopia is love. Yes, the power of harmony is silent yet the strongest. What war can do after taking hundreds of lives, love can do in a minute. We need to fill the hearts of our fellow beings with so much love that there is no place for grief and despair. There are some previous attempts for betterment of the world – some of them lost their viability, while others still work like magic. And these are possibly our most important weapon- the past is both a lesson and a motivation for us. Having said that, we still rely on the young generation. They are the fresh minds- the new faces of the world. They must be made as aware and as full of resources as possible. They must not be left on the roads to starve. They must not be kept as prisoners of the past. Robin Sharma says: Don’t be a prisoner of the past, be the builder of the future.

They say, time is the best healer. We try our best to avoid a disaster, to prevent inhumanism and to safegaurd the possible victims. What seems out of reach, though, is to restart the engine of those burning lives who still await for an answer- why were they chosen for a bad destiny? We believe that time, as we said above, will heal all the wounds. And then after some more time, we can hold their hands and bring them out of the darkness. We can show them how beautiful it is to repaint you own art- your life. But this will not happen in a day. Till the time we all heal from the bad experiences of the past, we must engage ourselves in building a new landmark everyday, everywhere - of Love and Kindness.

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