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So it's time for me to take you to the basic introduction of this Project!
Let's first understand why there is a need of worrying from this present woe, our vision for betterment of present living and the perception behind The New Dawn.

In the previous video, you would have observed the adversities that the world is facing today. Who is to be blamed for all this? Well, Nobody but human being itself. Hmm...... But the word BLAME is appropriate here?

Humans themselves are responsible for the havoc that is taking place around us.

The night that we are experiencing now is haunted by the myriad ghosts of poverty, theft, terror, inhuman practices, corruption, environmental destructions, deadly diseases, injustice, anxiety and many more. The world today is full of people with despair in their hearts and suffering in some or the other way.

"Human being itself is responsible for creating hovac problems in this world today" Do you agree with this statement?
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Have you ever heard of the word “Utopia”?

It's a Greek word that represents a “Good Place”. And an Utopian World aims for an ideal society in which everybody works happily with each other. A place where the social, political, and the legal system works perfectly.

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A perfect society can be achieved if we resolve all the big problems today in our world. We believe that all the big problems in today's world have a single solution. We have tried to seek it through this website!

As a famous saying narrates, "After every dark night comes a bright morning". Likewise, after the black awful night that is still going on in the world, here comes a new dawn; only to welcome the brightest morning the world will ever see.

The project New Dawn does not try to make people turn into pachyderms, but to create an environment where duties are also remembered along with rights, where the knife of caste-ism does not tear apart the generations, and where right to choose happiness above all is truly put into action.

Today we see the young generation getting into awful activities when they should be helping in building world a better place to live. Furthermore, this website also focuses on the career aspect of forthcoming young generation. At times young minds are forced upon to do jobs that are against their whim and they fail to contribute their best to the world.

When a child (especially a girl) steps out of his/her home, her/his mother is always worried about their safety. We can all help to create a world which is safe for all of us.

Cheat dishonesty and ill-use of power and status has become more of a common sight in today's times. When the leaders are elected to high powers, they normally tend to forget what their actual duty towards the public is. And if there is even 1 person among 100 who is dutiful in all aspects, he is generally overlooked, or suppressed under the heavy load of dishonesty.

We look forward to finding solutions to some of these biggest and root problems, and making this planet even better place to live in.

"Oh lord, take me to the new world."

Oh Lord take Me to a world
where sunshine bathes away not only the night
but also the darkness of sorrow and fright
Where flowers of brotherhood & humanity
Bloom to their fullness
and shower upon us the
fragrance of love and kindness

And place where we're smitten
to see the colours of countrysides
mingle together and create a rainbow
at which's end wealth of joy resides

Oh lord take me to a place on Earth
where the creator of heaven himself
resides and is seen in
a woman's, a child's playful eyes

Oh lord take me to a place on Earth
where the creator of heaven himself
resides and is seen in
a woman's, a child's playful eyes

And If not , this world exists anywhere,
Henceforth, I shall not blame others
for I am the one who'll build it today
just like the world I’ve dreamt of so far

Of humane & not castes Of love & not lust
Of Honesty & not pretense
Of justice & not Oblivion
Therein, yes, I shall build it
not tomorrow, not some other day but today, I shall build it

The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
We are looking up for an Utopian World. Come, share the vision!
Learn more about the team behind the scenes or contribute your thoughts.