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Hi there!

Welcome to the website "The New Dawn".

My Name is Kishi. Do you know what does it mean?

It is a Japanese name that means "Happiness to the Earth".

I am here to assist you! I speak for the lovely Earth.

I will try to present you this project the best way possible on behalf of the team behind this project. I will be here with you throughout the website! :)

My very first question to you before we proceed, Did you ever had an admiration to Change The World? Ever felt the things are going wrong? Well, I think just the same! I am here to discuss about the problems we all share, the target and the hope of a new dawn.

Let's understand the steps we will cover to bring Utopia on the planet Earth.

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  • The buttons on the left (Eg., The New Dawn, What is "The New Dawn", Get Inspired etc) are the description of the REAL navigation's titles i.e., It describes that how we will cover our journey to reach Utopian World.


So what are we waiting for?
Let's Proceed to the Introduction part

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The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
We are looking up for an Utopian World. Come, share the vision!
Learn more about the team behind the scenes or contribute your thoughts.