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Location: Milky Way :)

About Me: Hi! My name is Kishi. It is a Japanese name that means "Happiness to the Earth". I speak for our very lovely planet Earth. I have an immense faith that we can bring Utopia on this Earth. And that's what I work for. Though I am not an official member of the project, but I have been invited to share my demonstrating skills to bring awareness in a more effective way.

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."
- Mohandas Gandhi

My Contribution: Like I said, " I have been invited to share my demonstrating skills to bring awareness in a more effective way". So I tried to present the whole website, making it more interesting to read, learn and get aware.

Location: Punjab, India

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary"
- Steve Jobs

About Me: I am open-minded and enthusiastic. I have a great combination of thoughtful creativity and leadership. Spontaneous new experiences can be really inspiring to me and I like exploring my creative side from time to time. I am an adventurer at heart, and love to see new places when I get the chance. My natural tendency to look on the bright side always helps! I like adventure and original experiences that stimulate and challenge my status quo. Photography, playing guitar, creative writing, playing badminton and traveling are few of my prime interests. I love music. My life is definitely set to a soundtrack. Escaping into nature and heading off the beaten track is what I live for. It's the perfect way to unwind and recharge those batteries.

My Contribution: Working as a team leader in ThinkQuest International Competition 2011 last year, was something made me determined to accept the responsibility of leading a team again. This time, the only difference was: The team was constituted from four different schools and time was almost half. Though it was very challenging but was a terrific opportunity to prove my individuality in this world.

With a beloved dream of re-living the ThinkQuest Live event, I was pretty helpful in brining enthusiasm in the team members. I tried bringing work plan for the team time to time. I was supposed to assure that we do not compromise with our talents in front of deficient time. I helped assigning tasks and responsibility to the member according to their capabilities. Being a Creative Editor, I assured every stuff to be presented creatively and innovative form. Thus, I worked with technical team for helping them choosing the best thing out of a whole. I helped Almas in writing and tried to bring bewitched feeling from her powerful writing skill. I also had a very good time with Prateek & Anupam in sketching Kishi. My previous experience with the competition was worth advantageous to the team for adding that pinch of magic in the entry.

Location: Madhya Pradesh, India

"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
- J. K. Rowling

About Me: I am Swathy, being called a Crazy Girl with a passion towards learning. Graphics designing, video editing, reading books are few of my hobbies and I also consider learning new things as one of my foremost hobby. As a small kid I have spent most of my life in front of a computer screen, experimenting with new softwares rather than in playground like my other friends. That's why I can say that I am emotionally attached to Gadgets and computer. I like to study people around me and consider myself a good observant. I dream to be a psychiatrist, to help everyone in today's competitive world. I have my own set of ethics and principles that I follow. Respecting everyone is at the Top on my list of principles.

My Contribution: I worked as Media Developer for the New Dawn. While working in this Project, I was introduced to some amazing Softwares and I learned a lot about working with them. And I believe my skills in the Video designing is much more improved after working in this Project. I planned out the Video's with Ashish and tried to point out the thing we wanted to present and tried to find the best way to show the Problems of this World through our Video's. While working in the project, I also helped Almas in Researcher. This gave me an opportunity to understand world's problems a lot more closely. During the whole project, I experienced a change in the way I thought about problems around me. Now rather than waiting for other to do something about the Problems, I try to find solution for each problem myself. While working in this project, I realized that We all have responsibilities toward our Earth and also that we have to take initiation in solving the problems around us. Doing Case Study was worth it. I loved working with this team!

Location: Madhya Pradesh, India

"To see the heaven, you will have to die"
- J.C.Choudhary

About Me: I am a happy go lucky kind of girl. I love to make new friends. I am very, very emotional at times. I like behaving like an eight year old child. When I (finally) grow up, I want to render my service to the weaker sections of society. At times I feel there is so much to do and so little time left. My hobbies include dancing, chatting with my friends and cycling. I daydream a lot and that's why I am confused about what would I end up doing. But in the chaos of such great confusions and dramas, I always make sure to enjoy every moment because as they say, "Live as if its your last day on Earth". I have a strong affinity towards the less privileged people and when I was told about the topic on which our project is based, I was more than overjoyed. I believe if one can dream it, he can surely achieve it. And even after this competition is over, my project will not end. I have this dream embedded inside my mind to really be a part of Utopia. So even when we are all back home, my work doesn't get over. Perhaps it will go on for a long long time. There is just one thing I am sure about- I wont give up that easily.

My Contribution: I am the writer and researcher of the project. As I am new to the ThinkQuest world, I am extremely grateful to my team mates for helping me throughout the project. In the past I have been involved in numerous social activities and that helped me a lot in my writing part. Researching about the world problems was another job assigned to me by our team leader, for which i am really thankful to him. It made me get a closer glimpse of the tragedies of everyday life. I loved doing Case study with which I came up to understand the problems better.

Location: Odisha, India

"Do what you love. Love, what you do."
- Blackberry

About Me: Wierd. Crazy. Insane. Stupid. Silly. Confused. These are me. I love travelling and staying out at nights. Stumbling upon new trends in web technologies, hanging out with friends, having fast food, reading books and making applications are my hobbies. My lesser known side has me as a photographer. I love attending seminars and lectures on science and research.

My Contribution: I was assigned to do the job of web programming. Plus, I was the lead person to provide best web resources to the team. Though initially we decided to took a web hosting that provides visual desiging. But I knew that these web hostings won't be able to provide FREEDOM of desiging a website. I came up with a final decision next day - We need a open free web hosting serive like Kodingen. I was pretty confident about my programming skills so I made the team believe to go with it. Being in Digital Media event, It was a very responsible duty of mine to make the website look great and work smoothly. While working, we came up with a whole bunch of programming errors. My computer facility was temporarily unavailable in the mid of the project. So my work was never been done in single working place. It was quite difficult as well. But it all came back to us at the end. I loved programming the website. I got some BIG challenges along with some BIG problems that later made me learn to apply BIG solutions. I learned so many new things that will surely help me out in later life.

Location: Odisha, India

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Me: I am a fun loving person. I like living life to the fullest and helping people. I feel happiness is the key to life. Web, computers and graphics designing are my passion. I spend my time mostly in front of computers or learning things. I wish to be a successful social entrepreneur. Thus, I always see the world as a knowledge source and try to learn one thing or the other from everyone. I respect my parents a lot. I am sure I'd make them proud someday.

My Contribution: As I am the lead graphics designer of the group, I was dedicated on the graphics, look and feel of the website and every tit-bit of the presentation. Being part of the technical group, it was my responsibility to work along with Prayash and Anupam to make the website lively and enjoyable. I tried to present the critical group's work in a systematic and enjoyable way. I worked along with Anupam on graphics. The best thing is, I got to learn a lot more stuffs while researching about the project and working on it. For example I learned digital painting while working on a sketches of Kishi made by Ashish & Anupam. I was very happy with the result! Also, working with Prayash as web developer was a truly amazing experience for me. We were working for the first time together but the coordination was really on an advanced level. I am glad I worked with such a talented team. Truly, once in a lifetime experience :)

Location: Odisha, India

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Me: I am a web designer. I love using modern day gadgets. I am basically a person who is very positive about every aspect of-life. I am very friendly as my mates say. I love nature, music and pets. Apart from this I am very passionate about web, computers and technology. I like making sketches. I am a foodie, though I look like a bit skinny. Football is my favorite sport for life and believe me. I am totally freaked about it. I am hugely inspired by two self made 'personalities'; Mark Zuckerberg and Lionel Messi. Putting best effort is what I believe in, everytime I get a chance. This is why I want to be prepared to face the grueling ordeal of obstructions yet to come in my life. I focus in being a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life.

My Contribution: First of all it was a hell of an awesome experience I got working on this project. The whole time I spent on this I learned a lot of stuffs. Basically I was assigned the task of web designing which I did gleefully along with Prateek. Thinking of unique ideas was our prime concern relating to graphics and designing. Ashish guided us through the project, he helped us rectify our flaws until it seemed perfect. Though I was in the Technical Team I worked with Almas and Swathy whenever they needed any research work. I learned so much about web designing that I'm sure it would do some good for me in the future. Not only this Prateek and me also took the Case Study task for which we had really an awesome time doing surveys in the school. Truly I'm really glad enough I worked with such a nice team and the things I learned will be helpful in my later future.

Location: Madhya Pradesh, India

"Everyone is trying to accomplish something big not realising that life is made up of little things."
- Frank Howard Clark

About Me: I am Zelma Lawrence, the coach of "THE NEW DAWN". I work as an English Teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya No-1, Bhopal and I am in the Teaching Profession for last 25 years. I believe All the Problems that surrounds us can be solved by the Young generation of this world. All they need is the Guidance to achieve it. I like to encourage my Students to recognize their responsibilities towards their Family, City, Nation and the World.

The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
We are looking up for an Utopian World. Come, share the vision!
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