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The journey began when Ashish first proposed the idea to form a team to Swathy, Almas and their coach Mrs.Zelma. Though the places were two but the objective was basically one. We decided to step-up. We planned out the work accordingly, as per the talents we all had and pointed out those which we still needed. ThinkQuest matching tool turned out to be very helpful and we came to know about Prayash from Odisha, who is an excellent web programmer. Prayash later helped us finding Prateek and Anupam to get some quality web designing. Now we were four-place team. But the only thing made us pushing the challenge up was the diverse talents the team got. It was just perfect! We were now ready with
Ashish's briliant leading skills,
Swathy's excelent video and graphic designing,
Almas's extraordinary writing,
Prayash's astonishing web programming and
Prateek & Anupam's glorious graphics & web designing.

There was only half the time left when we enrolled and in between we had terminal exams of senior secondary class. A big challenge was in front of us as it was not that easy for any of us to interact with the updates time to time. The only thing that kept us going was the dream of being an international winner. We were determined to make a difference.

It was the time to point out some of the best resources and services possible, that could help us communicate instantly. We planned to form a private group on Facebook. We found it to be a perfect way of interacting instantly and sharing the updates.


Prayash provided us an easy to use Google Sites for team workshop which we named as CPSITE. Google website and it's other free services helped a lot as "Behind the website".

The website that was supposed to be presented was named RSITE. The difficult part i.e., Team's Collaboration turned out to be easy with the perfect services provided by Google and Facebook.


It all started in 2010, when I planned to participate in ThinkQuest International Competition. The hard-work and my curiosity turned out to be pricesless later on. We beg 2nd Place and got a chance to visit San Francisco!
I little ambition of re-living those amazing moments started growing in me again! So I met with the Team New Dawn. Though I leaded the team before, but it was an International team this time. I loved the challenge! And determined never looked back then.
Right at this time, when I am writing this, are the last moments of our project. And I am having no idea that how do I explain that what things did I learned. It will simply fill out the whole page.
To be in a short, I just loved this new level of working in a team. Each and every skill of mine got nourished. And I feel proud to have such a super-wonderful team! My this year's experience with ThinkQuest will surely help me out in working as a leader in an international team. I Thanks a million lot to ThinkQuest for coming into my life. I got shaped with it.


Before "THE NEW DAWN" I never used to take time to think about the problems around me. Either I was used to them or I expected other's to solve it . But while working with the team "New Dawn" I developed a sense of responsibility in me. And now after seeing even small problems around me I start thinking of ways to solve it. Now rather than complaining, I try to find a way to make things better. Through this project I learned the Problems faced by people around the World. Other than this I have also improved my Video Designing skills through this Project. Above all through this Project, I made few life long friends with whom I have spent some wonderful time. I feel very fortunate that I got this opportunity to work with such talented people because of whom I always got inspired to do my best for the Team. And I would like to specially thank our Team leader Ashish because he did a great job in managing the whole team even though we were all from four different placed and who always knew the best things to say to inspire us. And thanks to ThinkQuest as none of this would have been possible without this wonderful website.


I always thought of my writing skills as an ordinary hobby only until I joined the team. I learned to believe in my capabilities. I was really unknown to the web designing and such stuffs. I was speechless when I saw the brilliance of all my team mates. I would especially like to thank my coach, Mrs. Zelma for her continuous support and faith in all of us. Whenever I look back to all the time we worked together, I thank ThinkQuest for such a great opportunity to learn about myself as well as others.


I learnt PHP, MySQL, Cookies, Sessions, jQuery, Google Apps to be specific. Apart from this gained an unmatched experience of working with a supportive team. Working from different places kept all the data with me on the go, so learnt ways of keeping a portable workplace. Learnt collaborative teamworking and helping each other.


The journey has really been amazing for me. I got to learn a lot of things while working on the project with such talented team members. My graphics work got furnished. Also, I learnt digital painting while working on the project which will be very helpful for me in my future. Working with Prayash my approach on web-designing improved. The best thing was my team-work and collaboration skills improved. I am really thankful to thinkquest for providing such an awesome platform where different talents can work together no matter how far apart they live.


The whole journey of this project was simply remarkable. I had never participated in any International Competition before but ThinkQuest gave me an opportunity to do so for which I'm very grateful. We grew a strong bond between ourselves working on this project. The effort everybody put into this was really appreciable. Though we all lived so far apart from each other we did every task with ease. In the process of researching I learned so many new things which I'm sure can bring out a change in me in my later future. Everybody including my family, teachers and my friends supported me throughout this project. The whole experience I collected working for this will always be remembered in my future.

The New Dawn is a Stand-alone Website that aims to bring awareness.
We are the visionaries of a new dawn, that would be free of most of the burning problems today.
We are looking up for an Utopian World. Come, share the vision!
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